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Here is the List of

92 New England Entertainment Industry VIP's 

who the author has interviewed for this book.

Some of the Contributors have clickable links to their websites. 

New England Casting Directors

Carolyn Pickman - CP Casting. "What traits I see that will get you cast."

Angela Peri - casting the roles for "American Hustle" (int. by our own Becki D.)

Jodi Purdy - Casting and wrangling hundreds of Extras.  

Anne Mulhall - Casting in Rhode Island, special auditioning tips for you


New England Agents

Andrew P. Wilson - Owner of AWA Talent Agency (SAG-AFTRA)

Lynda St.James - Owner of Cameo Kids. with info for parents of actor children.

Suzanne Crosby - Image Makers Models, how to get more print work.

Kristie Raymond - Viewfinder Productions, how to be best prepared for a go-see.

Susan Lunetta - Exxcel Model and Talent

John Campanello - learn more about Between Gigs Casting.

Patricia Campbell - Portland Models & Talent LLC

Maggie, Inc - Casey, Owner reveals the benefits of being SAG-Franchised

Kevin Fennesey – Casting Director, long-time Union actor, anti-scam watchdog.

Kathleen Longsderff - NEMG Agency Director

Leo Anthony - Asian Boston


Successful New England Actors

Paul Horn - SAG-AFTRA Board (Previous President), on when and how to join the Unions.

Tom Kemp - Residing in Boston, and working in Hollywood and Nationally

Hester Schell - Transplant from California, finding Networking Gold in Boston.

Judith Kalaora - Brand Ambassador, historical tour guide, and staying non-union.

Mandy Wilson - her experiences with Boston Conservatory, BFA Graduate

Troy Desmond Smith - Toastmasters and what it can do for you.

Deme Lane - Working with her New York manager for print and Film auditions.

Jay Gates -Rod Stewart Impersonator

KC White - LA Actor who returns home to New England for work.


New England Producers

Chris Byers - Founder of New England Studios, and will we find work there?.

Patricia Hohl - Mass Production Coalition (MPC) - why you should join.

Kevin Dibacco - DiBacco Films, how to actually get National Distribution.

Leah Rinaldi - Corporate Game Developer. how to get paid, fun work!

Shannon Vossler - Producer and 'Women in Film. Board Member

John Stimpson - Writer / Director "The Legond of Lucy Keyes"


National Producers

Chris Black - Writer/Producer: "Madmen", "Desperate Housewives", etc.

Barney Cohen - TV/Film Writer, "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch"


Folks who Hire Actors

Craig Sutton - find work for paid Specialty and corporate events.

John Chris Brault - photos of historic New England movie sets.

Mary Lou Belli - Sitcom work, special skill to help you get ready.

Steve Stone - Stone Media Pros, Hudson, MA

Tyler Sullivan - President Operations at Paul Mitchell of Northern New England


Acting Coaches and Classes

Peter Kelley - What to look for in an Acting Coach. On-set coaching.

Donald Mowat - Head of Make up Dept, “Fighter, Fever Pitch, etc”

Emmanuelle Chaulet - Acting Coach with a deeply spiritual touch.

Dossy Peabody - Stage Acting in New England. where to begin.

Steve BlackWood - His Master Class and Cold reading Sessions

Scott Fielding - Michael Chekov Studio Boston, acting with depth.

Betsy Polatin - Alexander Technique

Lau Lapides - Lau Lapides Acting Studio

Billy DaMota - Stop Pay-to-Play in Casting Director Workshops



Christine Mascott - Cape Cod Theater

Michael Dell'Orto - The Benefits of Equity in New England

Harry Thomas - Table Reads at the Waterford, CT Library


Comedy Work

Mark Scalia - Comedian

Adam Finelli Comedian

Dan McCReady - Comedian


Voice Over

Jordan Rich - Voice Over artist and longtime Boston Radio Personality

Mike Jablon -  Voice Over artist, and instructor.

Sonny Dufault - Voice Over artist, instructor, a demo producer.

Dorothy Gallagher - Unique VO training for proven success



John Mason - Full time Stunt Person in New England

Mark Bedell - Finding Stage Combat Training and work in New England.

Stacy Eddy - Stage Combat Training

Kachina Dechert - Stunts


Being a Successful Child Actor

Natalia Wallace - programs and resources for child actors

Natasha Colonero - using an agent with your child actor

Stephanie Mancinelli - On-Set Tutor

Rachel Weinstein - Parent, and Talent Tactician


Actor Resources

Becki Dennis - Talent Tools. Services for Actors.

Bob Ebener - Editing your reel, finding the right editor.

Bradley Van Dussen - New England Actor (optimising YOUR NE profile)

Erica Derrickson - on her Hollywood East Facebook Group, and photography

Kristine Oller - Change Strategist

Genine Tillotson - Harvard Square Script Writers



Josh Mitchell - when should you hire a publicist, and why?


Make up

Jean Carney - Make up tips for actors, from a 25 year veteran Union Makeup artist.

Laurel Wiley - Make up for Actors,  best products and application.


The Unions

Andrea Lyman - Making a living from her one woman show. being on a SAG board.

Bill Mootos - Long time Equity Stage Actor,m and SAG-AFTRA Board Member

Chuck Slavin - SAG-AFTRA Board Member

Ben Whitehair - SAG-AFTRA details

Ben Winthrop - The SAG-AFTRA Pups Program


The Crew we Work with

Kelly Cronin -  Local Script supervisor for NE Feature Films

Bridget Cook - Hair Stylist to Will Ferrel and others.

Matt Newton - NH Film Office

Andrea Zax - Costumer


Making the Move to Hollywood

Elaine Loh - Teaches class, "So you moved to Los Angeles… NOW WHAT?"


Income Tax Tips

David Rogers - Actors Income tax tips to save you time and money


Tax Incentive for New England States

Jeff Kwass - Supporting Production with local services (and a tax credit)

Kathleen Pierce - Article on Maine Tax Credits

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