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Invite Karl to your College or Theater Group

to Host a Seminar on The Business of Acting in New England!


- A seminar for College Students and Theater Groups to learn more about Acting Opportunities in New England -


Do you have interest in being a working actor in New England?

If so, Karl Steudel, a long-time, accomplished, bi-coastal actor in film, television, commercials, industrials and theater will tell you how. By the end of this seminar you will know everything you need to get more of those paying or satisfying jobs in film, television, print work, voice over, commercials and industrial videos. New England is abundant with paying work for an actor, The trick is knowing where that work is and how to book it.


Presentation Segment

Karl candidly discusses casting offices, agents, headshots, comp cards, photographers, resumes, online resources, the best acting classes to take in Boston, the unions - when to join and how, vouchers, financial core, auditioning tips, demo reels, actors slate, where to post online, modeling, commercial print, stock shoots, “go-sees”, how to identify and avoid scams, creative ways to find work in the industry, and much more.


Student Participation Segment


Exercise 1, The Cold Read: Karl will offer the opportunity for each student to learn and practice a “cold” read, one of the most important skill for any actor to have. A cold read is when you are handed sides for the first time, and have not had the opportunity to memorize the material in advance. This is truly a critical skill that must be understood and practiced.


Exercise 2, The Slate:  Karl will also offer the opportunity for each student to learn and practice proper “slate” technique for an on-camera audition. Knowing how to slate well is an essential skill. Your slate is the first thing a casting director sees when reviewing your video audition! Theatrical Slates and commercial slates also differ in subtle ways. Students can have a lot of fun with this exercise, and it will build confidence in the audition room.


About The Guest Presenter Karl Steudel

Karl Steudel has been acting on and off since high school, where he won the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School Drama Bowl award. Diving in with both feet, he has since been been cast in dozens of films, television shows, commercials, and industrial videos. If you watch commercials, you have likley seen him in Cepocal, 1-800 Mattress, Tom Tom, “Dr. Gobran-dentist”, to name a few. You can rent two of his principle film roles on Netflix. His most recent short film is now at Cannes Short Film 2018 Festival in France. You may have seen him in the dramatic role of Charles Darwin on PBS NOVA, or his physical comedy role of tripping over a drum set on “Austin and Ally”. As a hand model, Karl has worked in projects ranging from the humorous “Legos Movie” to modeling Tiffany Jewelry. In Voice Over, Karl currently works dubbing telenovellas from the original spanish into English. (Yes, 7 years of Spanish language class were not wasted!) Karl continues to land work in New York, LA and of course every state in New England. With help from fellow actors on set, and over 100 interviews, it took a while for Karl to gather all the wisdom and discover a better way to do business in New England. Karl is eager to share that with you, and get you busy acting in roles you love. Karl is also the author of the upcoming book, “The Complete Guide to Acting in New England” from which this seminar is derived. The Book also includes over 100 interviews with New England producers, directors, and agents. If required for the venue, Karl's TB Test and LiveScan reports are complete and available.




What is this Seminar about?

This seminar discusses how to build a successful and fun acting career in New England.

There is some lecture, with plenty of Q&A, interaction and lively participation.


Who is this Seminar for?

This seminar is truly for anyone with interest in Acting in New England, whether you are an absolute beginner, or a busy, working actor. Are you a stage actor interested in expanding to on-camera work? Then this is especially for you. Whether you have an interest in Film, Voice Over or Dinner Theater. This seminar is for ALL ages, ethnicities and types.


Where can this Seminar be held?

In a classroom, meeting room, or any size theater.


How long would the seminar be

It can range from 1 ½ - 3 hours.


What ages can attend this seminar?

All ages. However, depending on the setting, any minors must be accompanied by a parent or school instructor.


Download info Packet below

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