The Complete Guide to Acting in New England


 "The Complete Guide to Acting in New England" is almost here!  This landmark book has been carefully crafted, over 2 years in the making, with over 92 interviews, and investigative research. This is the book we all wish we had starting out. Now, you can savor this personal travel companion while navigating every nook and cranny of acting in New England.  I am very excited for the Fall 2018 release date!


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Never before in New England has there been a SINGLE resource like this for actors.


For the beginner...

This book will get you on your feet, up and running right away. An entire chapter is dedicated to tell the beginner actor exactly what you need to get started from headshot, resume, online profiles, agents, classes and more. (When I started out, I paid $100 for one class and also, $60 for a private consultation, just to hear the basics of how this business of acting worked in New England).


For the experienced, working New England actor...

Let's face it. Most of you are my long-time peers in this wonderful New England Market.  1) As a minimum I think you will find this book a pleasure to read. But moreover, you will find many friends, coworkers and employers who you have worked with in the past, and will again in the future, telling their stories. You will also be pleased to find perhaps just a few new tips and insights, especially creative ways to get more work! There are Employment Opportunities that exist for us actors, beyond the obvious realms of screen and stage. There is also an extensive section on recurring acting opportunities. Allow yourself to be informed and entertained as you read the intimate interviews with our top Casting Directors, Agents, Producers and Studio owners. - All of their expertise and advice, right at your fingertips.

After acting in New England Successfully for a couple decades, i thought I knew a lot. But to my surprise, once again, I have learned so much more from the 80 plus people I interviewed. Yes, by writing this book, I have actually improved my career skills.



Complete Guide to Acting in New England

preparing for your Headshots

Improve your Resume


How and when to Join the Unions

Find The Best Training


Meet the Casting Directors close up

Comp Cards 


Where and how to meet the Producers

Earn more money in Voice over Now

Dinner Theater explained

Be a successful 

Print Model

Getting an Agent

Income tax tips 

from the expert

for the entertainer 

save money!

Stand up Comedy

working in New York

THE complete list of New England Agents and Casting Directors

Carolyn Pickman tells us why

her actors get booked

Join the SAG-AFTRA Board?

10 great tips for standin work

Learn how each CD

wants to be approached

and kept in touch.

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Advice for child actors

and their parents

The most Amazing bookings that ever happened in New England

"paid a lot"  "traveled to Europe"  "launched my career"

5 ways to get your footage

and much, much more...

When Disney auditions come to town...