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Theatrical Reel

April, 2020 - Voice Over for Chinese Church Videos at Voxx Studios

Feb, 2020 - Costar, as Bob Laufer in Oxygen Channel's Buried in the Backyard"

Jan, 2020 - Booked in Short film, Father to a troubled teen

Hired without and audition, which means my reel, photos and resume are doing their job of representing me well.

Dec, 2019 - Signed with Ad Astra Management

Oct 4, 2019 - Booked Hand Modelling on Ford Commercial

Dec, 2018 - Off to Alaska! I have been cast in "The Sound of Music"

performing for a week in Anchorage, February, 2019. This will not be my first Equity show, but it is a first Equity travelling musical, and my first visit to Alaska.

November, 2018 - Our Cannes Film is now on Amazon Prime! Our film, "Blindness", where I have a supporting role, can be seen here... 

March, 2018 - Off to Cannes! Our film, where I have a supporting role, "Blindness" has been accepted to the Short Film Series at Cannes.

March, 2018 - back to Voxx studios for more Dubbing on the Univision TeleNovella, "La Seleccion". I voice 4 characters.

July, 2017 - Joined Osbrink Talent for On-Camera Commercial

November, 2016 - "A Tourist" wins Best Short Film, Bronze Award, New York Shorts 

June, 2016 - Just finished shooting "Public Access" as Alex, the Conspiracy theorist  FUN! 

May, 2016 - Wrapped shooting "Half The History". as Ralph Waldo Emerson

November, 2016 - Signed with Closeup Models Today. 

Dec, 2016 - Booked a Samsung Industrial Video, with Francine Selkirk Casting.